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You can hardly pick up a paper or turn on the television today without hearing people talking GREEN, and the Greening of America. What are people talking about when they say GREEN? The issues at hand are the rising cost of energy, energy efficiency, performance and global warming.

Performing maintenance on your heating system will reduce the cost of heating a home. Energy efficiency is about proper maintenance of your unit and adjustments to manufacturers specifications. Quality maintenance will save energy and money. The Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating provides the consumer with a number that represents the percentage of fuel efficiency achievable by gas and oil fired furnaces and boilers. How can a HVACR service technician verify that they have properly serviced a system to the manufacturer’s specification AFUE rating? This can only be accomplished through combustion analysis, an essential aspect of furnace and boiler efficiency. Combustion analysis is the measurement of a combustion system’s flue gases to determine the completeness (efficiency) of the combustion process. Combustion analysis is only the first step in maximizing fuel efficiency. The rest are listed below with cleaning.

Our Exclusive Precision Furnace Tune-Up Procedure Includes:

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